Can You Repeat That?

When the Lord helps me with a problem, quite often His solution comes in the form of an idea. Some ideas wake me up in the early morning hours, some ease their way into my consciousness while I’m walking the dog or reading a book. Whatever the mode of delivery, the end result is the same. I had no clue before, and now I do. But now here’s the thing. Sometimes the Lord will tell me something that I really didn’t want to hear. You ever have that happen? I’m talking one of those doozies that snatches you clean out of your comfort zone and hurls you into outer space. It’s like wanting to make an immediate right turn, and being told to drive across the country, spend two weeks living in a swamp, build a canoe, and row back home. Are you kidding me?! The answer from the Lord is always a strong—no I’m not, but still I whine like a spoiled teenager. Worse case scenario, before I give any serious consideration to surrendering, I ignore everything I’ve been told.

Now I’m not proud of it, but hey…I’m human. And I have an extreme aversion to being hurled into outer space. Yeah, like you don’t. You do too, just fess-up. I usually convince myself that I didn’t hear Him correctly, so I’ll ask for confirmation. When I receive confirmation, I still won’t be quite sure if what I think is confirmation is in fact confirmation. This being the case, I have no other choice then to ask for confirmation of the confirmation. If God were my mom I’d be slapped upside the head. But hey…I’m just human.


2 Responses

  1. This is so accurate for me; especially when I’m at a crossroad and have to make a tough decision. If God were mom, he’d send me to my room and make me think about my decision. He’d let me come out and ask me, “Well, what did you come up with?” But after I dance around the obvious choice, he’d send me right back to my room again.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    We as God’s children are so fortunate that He doesn’t give us what we deserve. Sometimes, I thank the Lord just for putting up with me.

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