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A Singing Voice Only God Could Love – Part One

singing girl

I wish I could sing. One of my friends has the loveliest voice. She reminds me of Jill Scott with her soulful vocal range. And girlfriend can really belt out a beautiful song at church. Have you ever stood next to someone in church who could really sing? I mean someone who sounded so good that it literally distracted you as you tried to mummer along. I stood next to my friend a few weeks ago, and honest to Pete, she sounded so melodic and beautiful that I started moving my lips without singing along because I wanted to hear her voice. It was all I could do not to stop everyone and say, “I’m trying to hear this songbird. Could you please stop singing for a minute?” How rude would that have been? But my goodness, I could have listened to her all day. Although she sings in the choir, it’s only a few times a month (she sings professionally as well) and she doesn’t always have a solo. That makes it even harder for me not to stop and listen to her sing because I never know when I’ll get another free concert.


After thinking about her voice, it made me wonder about the poor folks standing next to me when I sing. My husband is usually on one side of me and he is used to my howling, but what about the unfortunate soul on the other side of me. Oh well…I sing for the Lord and not for other people. Good thing God will never kick me out of His choir. 

6 Responses

  1. Keep singing! Just as we love to hear our children sing joyfully – even off-key – God loves to hear His children sing!

  2. Yes, you’re so right. Thank you for encouraging me.

  3. This is hilarious! We just have to make sure that our noise is at least joyful! 🙂

  4. I love this post! You are some writer, girlfriend!

    And I am very glad Creator only asked us to make a joyful noise. Noise I can do well!

  5. Sandy, you are so kind, thank you so much.

  6. LOL. Yes, and I’m thankful that my noise is joyful. 🙂

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