A Singing Voice Only God Could Love – Part Two

You know what else throws me off when I stand next to talented singers in church? Talented singers who sing the harmony rather than the main lyrics I’m singing. I’m so musically-challenged that invariably I start trying to harmonize on their harmony and it throws everything off. I have no idea why I do it. My mind tells me to keep singing the lyrics, but the talented voice of the singer next to me is so beautiful and so powerful that I find myself drawn to it, and I can’t help but sing the same parts they’re singing. Fortunately I’m smart enough not to sing so loud that others can pick up on what I’m doing, but still…Has this ever happened to you guys?


I’d be curious to hear from someone with a good singing voice. Can you tell when the person you’re standing next to starts singing harmony with you – off-key of course? Does it make you laugh even if just a little, tiny, teeny bit?

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