Paying Attention to Details

I tease my husband all the time because he seems to notice the little things in life that are inconspicuous. Invariably, we’ll be doing something together and he’ll point out one of life’s incongruent nuances. Last weekend, for example, we rented the movie Body of Lies with Russell Crowe and Leonardo Dicaprio – interesting movie by the way. After hitting the “play” button, the DVD took us to a screen where we were able to select the language that we wanted the subtitles written in. In this section it said:  

Select Subtitle Language


  • English (for the hearing impaired)
  • French
  • Spanish

My husband leaned over and said, “Look at the screen.” 

“What’s wrong with it?” 

“You notice anything about the subtitles listed?” 

I looked at what my mind normally glossed over and processed as insignificant.  I smiled. “Ha! Wouldn’t all of the subtitle languages be for the hearing impaired?” 

He gave me a knowing grin. One thing I can say about living with someone so observant. Life is never boring.

Are you the kind of person who notices the unnoticeable?



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2 Responses

  1. Many people who speak Spanish want the English words to learn the language. So the other languages are not just for the hearing impaired. If you were an English speaking person wanting to learn Spanish, the Spanish words on the screen would help.

    But it is still fun to look for the underlying meaning.

  2. I do need to look for details though, it would only help my writing.

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