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Author Spotlight on Robin Shope

Big Contest Announced at the End of the Interview


Over the last few weeks, I’ve read several articles about the movie deal author Robin Shope recently signed with Salty Earth Pictures, and I’m delighted to say she’s a guest on blog today.

Robin, can you start us off by telling us a little bit about your background?

Robin Shope

Robin Shope

Absolutely, Sharon, thank you for having me on your blog. Several years ago, God put inside of me a desire to serve Him. He called. I answered. At first, I thought I was called to be a missionary, but after being overseas for a couple of years, I changed my mind.

Don’t misunderstand me. I loved the meetings, being able to preach, praying with people, seeing salvation on the faces of the new converts, and being available to be there for God’s people 24/7. But, in addition to the beautiful moments, there were also scary situations that I was not prepared for. At times, we found ourselves in life and death situations such as the time the Shah of Iran was about to leave the country and the country was in civil war. We spent some very uneasy times there. We also held meetings in the country of Nepal where it was against the law to convert people to Christianity, and baptizing someone meant death. Those were just two of the places we visited during our years abroad.

Once we were back in the states, we pastored a church in Illinois for several years before moving to Texas, where we now live. My husband is in business, but he still takes yearly trips overseas for ministry. My job is to stay by ‘the stuff’. Stuff like our house, dog, cat, plumbing that needs repair, my job, grown children, and a new grandson.

I am the Special Education Coordinator for the Denton County Juvenile Justice Alternative Program. I work with at-risk teens from the fifth grade through high school, who have been court-ordered to attend our facility or be expelled from school.

To date, my literary works include approximately two hundred articles in magazines, and dozens of stories have been published in various popular collections. One story, “Mom’s Last Laugh,” was re-enacted for a PAX-TV program: “It’s a Miracle.” I have also co-authored three thrillers: The Chase in 2005, The Replacement in 2006, and The Candidate in 2007.

The Christmas Edition

The Christmas Edition

My new, fresh, light romantic series, The Turtle Creek Edition series, is nearly complete. The Christmas Edition 2008 and The Valentine Edition 2009 are the first two books.

The Valentine Edition

The Valentine Edition

In 2010 The Easter Edition and The Harvest Edition will be published. Wildcard is my newest release, and it’s a standalone romantic mystery.

What is Wildcard about?

What would happen if someone secured a microchip that could be manipulated to give his or her candidate the edge to win the next presidential election? Not enough votes for a landslide, but just enough to put their candidate over the top in a decisive win. The Wildcards are a group of maverick agents who want to take over the outcome of the next election for President of the United States. During Ivy Dillon’s last week as a Washington Intern, she and Ms. Geneen Waters, the secretary to the President of the United States, overhear a conversation about voting machines and missing software. Months later Ms. Water’s body is found floating in the Potomac River. FBI Special Agent Ian Serby, who swears he will give his life to protect her, takes Ivy into protective custody. Ian is smart, sexy, and seems to have a hidden agenda all his own. Will Ivy follow her heart and believe what Ian tells her about trying to stop the Wildcards or is he actually a member of the Wildcards?



I would imagine there was a considerable amount of research involved in writing this book. Tell us about your approach to gaining the background knowledge necessary to weave the plot.

If I wasn’t familiar with a location in my novel, then I researched it on the net. The story takes place in several locations: Washington DC, Chicago, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, Austin, Texas, and Virginia.

In addition, I bought a book that explained how a person could disappear in America and learn to recreate themselves with a new name and identity. That was important for my heroine, Ivy Dillon. A murder was pinned on her and the only way to remain alive was to become a dead person.

I also studied voting machine problems and voter fraud. It was so much fun weaving in the Egyptian history about the first lady Pharaoh, and the Obelisks she built as ruler.

I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about the movie deal you’ve recently signed for your book The Christmas Edition. This is so exciting! How did it all come about?

I met producer Steven Zambo of Salty Earth Pictures several years ago through a mutual friend. I saw him on Facebook and told him I had a new book series out that he might be interested in reading. Steve emailed back and asked to see the books. I sent them. Several weeks later he emailed saying he would love to produce The Turtle Creek Edition Series, starting with The Christmas Edition. I was pleasantly surprised to see a wonderful article about it on ChristianCinema.com.

Have you started working on the next book in the Turtle Creek Edition series? Any chance you can give us a sneak peek of what’s to come?

The Easter Edition is complete and I have written the first page of The Harvest Edition. The Easter Edition is close to my heart because it deals with losing a loved one that passes away, and then finding ones place in this world after having been a caretaker of that person for so long. However, the story is filled with hope and praise and the promise of being reunited again.

All the books in this series have a tie-in as they all take place in a small Wisconsin town, at a small newspaper, run by a handful of faithful employees. Yet, each story has its own voice and style.

Robin, it’s been a pleasure having you as my guest. Before you go, I have one final question for you. As you know, this is a storytelling blog, and we believe in having a good time. With this in mind, can you tell us what actress is your favorite when it comes to watching a romantic comedy?

My fave is…drum roll…Sandra Bullock.

She’s one of my faves, too!

Okay, contest time is here! Each person that leaves a comment will be entered in a drawing to win Robin’s novel Wildcard. In addition to the Wildcard drawing, there will also be a drawing for people who tweet about the contest. Each person who posts a tweet on Twitter and mentions the contest on my blog will receive an entry to win two of Robin’s books: The Christmas Edition and The Valentine Edition. ***If you post a tweet, be sure to include my username (smball804) so that I am copied on the message. You are welcome to enter by either method and the winner will be announced on May 18th. You can’t win if you don’t try, so step up to the plate and give it a go.




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53 Responses

  1. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments.

  2. I’ve read Wilcard and really enjoyed it! I did put the word out on Twitter for you!

  3. Thanks Michelle! Would you put in a word on amazon too? You are the best!

  4. Great “Spotlight” article! Yes, please enter me in the contest. I’ve not read Wildcard, but it sounds like my kind of book! Now, I’m headed over to Twitter to tweet about the contest (I hope!)

  5. That is so cool that The Christmas Edition got picked up to be a movie! I can’t wait to see it – I love the series. (Maybe it would star Sandra Bullock. . .) Would love the chance to Wildcard!

  6. Fabulous interview, Sharon. I don’t know what Twitter is, but please add my name to the drawing for a chance to win a copy of Wildcard. Thank you.

    I’m so glad, Robin, that God didn’t call me to be a missionary, even for a short time. What you went through would scare the liver out of me. I guess that’s why God didn’t call me, eh? hehe

    Jesse, Sandra Bullock’s husband, was on The Celebrity Apprentice. I didn’t know she’d married Jesse. I somehow can’t picture them together, although I think he’s an amazing man for all he’s accomplished. I love Sandra too. Have you seen the movie, The Net? Yikes! Loved it.

    I didn’t realize you were such a multi-faceted person, Robin. Wow.

    Robin, what publisher is publishing The Turtle Creek Series? Is it WRP? And if so, how come it will be 2010 before The Easter Edition and The Harvest Edtion will come out?

    God bless you and yours.

    Debra Ullrick,
    author of The Bride Wore Coveralls

  7. Sounds like a great book (Wildcard) and can’t wait to read it!


  8. Hi Debra, thanks for commenting so much! Wildcard is with TWRP but the Edition Series is with their other new line Wild Rose Press. The company wants to put out the books by the holiday…and I just finished The Easter Edition a month ago…so with edits and all, it will not be until next year. Yikes, I better get going on The Harvest Edition! I only have one page. I am side-tracked by a romantic mystery set in Freedom, Wisconsin….odd how stories can kidnap the author..its the kind of kidnapping I like!

    and Kristi, Carrie, Kelly, thank you for sommenting too!

  9. Great interview!! (And Giveaway!) Isn’t Robin wonderful?? I’ve had the opportunity to interview her for her Turtle Creek series, and have really enjoyed her books. The Christmas Edition is one of my all-time favorites!

    🙂 I’m off to tweet! (No need to enter me in the giveaway – Robin’s beautiful books are on the top shelf of my bookcase – I just want to show support!)

    ~ Wendi

  10. Michelle, I saw your tweet on Twitter this morning, thank you so much.

  11. Hi, Carrie. You sound like a woman after my own heart. Robin’s book is my kind of book as well. 🙂

  12. Kristi, wouldn’t it be so cool if Sandra Bullock starred in the Christmas Edition? I’m so excited about Robin’s book being made into a movie!

  13. Thank you, Kelly, for taking the time to stop by my blog. I love the excitement over “Wildcard.”

  14. I’m sorry, I’m not a Tweeter, but I’ll comment here anyway! 🙂

    Because I’m a screenwriter, I’d be interested to hear more about the process of adapting “The Christmas Edition.” I’m in the process of adapting my own screenplay into a novel and I’m finding it to be a daunting task.

    Sharon, thanks for playing hostess to Robin! It was a great interview. 🙂

  15. Hi Sarah, I think it would be harder adapting a screen play into a book than the other way around. I wrote The Christmas Edition as a book and sent it to Salty Earth Pictures who is now working on writing the script. They being shooting this holiday season. If you have anymore questions, go to the website and contact producer Steven Zambo

  16. I am so excited about Wildcard. A very chilling mystery romance that moves quickly. What makes this book so chilling is, it could very well happen; if it isnt already being worked on now. Forget taking America over from the outside in…how about taking over America at the voting machine? But the story is much more…its about finding hope, fighting for survivial, looking for clues in Ancient Egypt, and finding long lost love. It was fun writing…hope you have fun reading it.

  17. I look forward to reading Robin Shope’s books. Thank you for introducing her to me. I hope I win one of her books:)

  18. Robin,

    Are they going to give you any kind of editorial input on the finished screenplay?

    I’m the “Bookstore to Box Office” columnist for Christian Fiction Online Magazine. The journey from novel to movie or movie to novelization really intrigues me. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for news about The Christmas Edition… And don’t be surprised if someday, you see it in a column! 🙂

  19. I have read four of Robin’s books and all of them are excellent. As I read her latest, WIldcard, I thought this one would make a good movie. It never once lost my interest. Once I started to read it, I could not put it down.
    I would love to win Robin’s books. Why, to read if I had not read them and also to bless others with them.

  20. Hi Terri, thank you for your kind words.

    and Sarah, no, I do not have input on the script or screenplay…but I am fine with that. It seems movies always have changes from the books. Wouldn’t that be fun to be in a column!

    thanks for commenting Judy. Be sure to let me know how you enjoyed the books once you read them.

  21. Judy, you are so welcome. It’s such a delight to have Robin as a guest on my blog. I can see by all of the comments that you and I are not the only ones who are excited about Robin’s book. Thank you visiting my blog and I hope so much that I’ll see you again.

  22. Thank you, Wendi, so much for posting a comment to support Robin. I’m so blessed to have Robin as a guest on my blog and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know her through our interview. Blessings to you and I hope you’ll stop by again.

  23. I am so amazed at the extravagance of God in Robin’s life! The fact her book is being made into a movie is an example of the Lord doing beyond what we can imagine. Her story touches my heart.

    Thanks for the interview. Blessings~

  24. Robin and Sharon, Thanks for the interview… always interesting to hear how a writer’s experiences and research shape her stories. I’m enjoying reading The Christmas Edition now and would love to read Wildcard next.

  25. God is so amazing isn’t He? Sometimes I marvel at how He loves us and makes us over to be more than we ever could have dreamed of. To Him be all of the glory and all of the honor. Kristen, I marvel with you at God’s extravagance.

  26. Faith, I love hearing about how a writer’s experiences shape their stories too. It’s so inspiring. Thank you for visiting my blog and supporting Robin.

  27. I am a huge fan and I have wildcard but would love to get my hands on The Christmas Edition and The Valentine Edition, so I will go twitter right now. 🙂

  28. not sure if I tweeted that right..never copied someones username to a tweet before..but I tried…LOL

  29. Hi Sharon –

    I love political thrillers. Please enter me in the drawing for Wildcard. Thanks. 🙂

    susanjreinhardt at gmail dot com

  30. God is amazing. He already has done everything for us. Each day I wake with such a heart filled with gratefulness. You have all been such a blessing to me. I would like to do something in return. May I pray for you? Is there something that I can stand and beleive with you for? Please let me know.

  31. I been to Robins website a few times to check out her books and Wildcard sounds very interesting.

    If you are oprepared to ship worldwide, please enter me in the contest.


  32. Interesting premise for Wildcard. Great interview, Sharon.

  33. Oh!! I’ve got the Turtle Creek books, so don’t need those, but I don’t have Wildcard yet, so would love to be entered for that one.

    🙂 Wendi
    wbarker at hotmail.com

  34. Sharon, thank you for interviewing Robin. I discoverd Robin on Shoutlife and then became a fan of hers on Facebook where she invited us to check in on this interview.

    I am looking forward to begin reading your books. Now I know why I teach and needed off for the summer-to have time to read wonderful books by beautiful Christians. Please, by all means, enter me in your contest.

  35. I’d love this.


  36. Stormi, thanks for posting a tweet about Robin’s interview and the contest. I so appreciate you supporting her.

  37. I know, Susan, I love political thrillers too. 🙂

  38. Thanks, Rhonda. When your new book Secrets and Lies comes out in December 2009 I hope you’ll be a guest on blog.

  39. Hi, Wendi, you’re officially in the contest for Wildcard. 🙂

  40. Patty, I would love to have a summer off to read books. Enjoy the an awesome summer.

  41. Thank you so much, MJ, for stopping by my blog to enter the contest.

  42. You all really bless me beyond words. I would love to pray for each and everyone of you. And Sharon, thank you for hosting me!

  43. Robin: Enjoyed reading your interview. . .to learn more about you personally and about your books. Thanks for the invite.

  44. Hi Janet..thank you for your comment. I apperciate your kind words.

  45. I’m very proud of you, Aunt Robin!
    You have truly found your niche and shine with grace! A grateful heart is a beautiful heart, indeed! You go!

  46. Boy, are you a popular lady, Robin. This is the busiest blog I’ve seen in a long time.

    Hey, Sharon, I’ve posted twice, does my name go in the hat twice? hehe. Just jivin’ ya.

    Debra Ullrick
    Author of The Bride Wore Coveralls

  47. Brooke, how sweet. Thank you. I am proud to be your aunt.

    and Debra, you are so kind to comment.

  48. I don’t tweet yet, but I did love “Christmas Edition.”

  49. Thanks John! I hope you will read my next books….:)
    I appreciate you!

  50. I have to thank Robin again for being a guest on my blog. It’s been such a blessing knowing her and I’m so thankful the Lord brought us together. Thank you, Robin, for offering to pray for all of us. There is no greater expression of love than praying for each other and I am grateful. I can’t wait to see The Christmas Edition on the big screen. Blessings, my dear sister in Christ.

  51. thank you Sharon and all for having me, for taking time out of your busy lives to leave a comment. God bless you all..writing down all your names to pray for you. Big hug!

  52. Sharon, Thank you for introducing me to Robin Shope through your interview. She is truly a fascinating individual.
    I’ve always wanted to take my family on a missions trip. Robin, can you recommend any missions trips for a family with kids ages 9-15?

    Wildcard sounds like an intriguing book. I can’t wait to read it.

  53. Hi Cheryl, how wonderful you want to introduce your children to the needs of others. Going into third world nations to preach/minister/serve is a tough experience even for adults. The living conditions can be hard, disease is ever present, etc. I would start by taking the kids to the mission field out your backdoor. Take them to a soup kitchen where they can help wipe tables, talk to children their age who are homeless,etc. How about a visit to a nursing home and bring hope to some of the residents who have no one to visit them? Have them clean out their closets and toy boxes from some of the outgrown, unused items and take those things to the Salvation Army? Is there a neighbor who is elderly and could use someone weed their flower? Rake their yard? Maybe a shut-in would be happy for some homemade cookies? What a gift we can give our children by awakening them to the needs of others. Read books with your children about men and women who have given their lives to serve the needs of others. Keep in touch, Cheryl, would love to hear how your family develops their own unique way to serve. Big Kudos to you.

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