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Author Spotlight on Sherri Lewis

Sherri Lewis photoshoot 004

Sherri is the Essence Bestselling author of My Soul Cries Out, Dance Into Destiny, and The List. She attended Howard University as an undergraduate, then the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

After working for ten years in the medical field, Sherri recently left her last position as a staff physician at a Georgia Department of Corrections’ Women’s prison to pursue writing and ministry full time.

Sherri’s life passion is to express the reality of the Kingdom of God through the arts including music, dance, film and television, and literature; and through sound biblical teaching. Her ministry thrusts include the message of the Kingdom, intimacy with God, intercessory prayer, understanding prophetic ministry, ministering emotional healing, and birthing individuals into their destiny. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend your book launch party for The List. Can you tell us about this latest release?


The List is my favorite book so far. It’s about 3 single, saved-but-still-sexy women who are tired of waiting on God to bring their soul mates. So they make a list of everything they want in a man and they go on a hilarious dating adventure, trying to be found by their husbands.

Right now, I’m reading My Soul Cries Out which I believe is your second novel. I must say, you’ve done an excellent job of handling the tough subject or marriage, infidelity, and homosexuality, which are real situations that many Christians face in their lives. Was it difficult to write about these realistic situations and still show God’s hand in all of it?

It was very difficult to write about such controversial subjects. Especially in Christian fiction. God only knows what made me tackle such a difficult and taboo subject as homosexuality so early in my writing career. I really had to pray to get the heart of God for the ending of the story. In fact, I had chosen one ending for the story, but my pastor challenged me that I was writing redemptive fiction and I needed to seek God for His end to the story. I did, and changed everything. I’m much happier with the outcome, as have been my readers.

Where do gain your writing inspiration? What helps you to create such realistic characters?

I have to admit that writing has always been therapy for me. When I wrote My Soul Cries Out, I wanted to write about a Christian woman going through a divorce because that’s what was going on in my life. Although there was no homosexuality involved in my own situation, there were still the overwhelming feelings of betrayal and pain. In Dance Into Destiny, I was personally dealing with being unhappy with my career choice and wanting to seek God for His perfect plan and purpose for my life. And of course, The List is really my story of being a single Christian on the dating scene for the past 5 years since my divorce. Pure comedy…

It’s always nice as a reader to get a sneak peek. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re working on now?

I just turned in the sequel to My Soul Cries Out. When I finished that book, I never wanted to hang out with those characters again. But every email I got, all the feedback from book clubs and readers demanded a sequel to the book so I wrote Selling My Soul. Now, as requested, I’m writing the sequel to The List, called Settlin’.




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3 Responses

  1. I love Christian fiction and will be looking for this author’s books.

  2. Hi, Bernadine. You won’t be disappointed with Sherri’s books. She knows how to keep a reader turning pages that’s for sure.

  3. Nice interview. Sherri’s work is a rare gem.

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