What Are Three Words That Best Describe You?

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One of the things I love about Twitter has been the ease of getting to know people that I ordinarily would not encounter. One such person is JoJo. I visited her blog yesterday and thought about the question she posed to her readers and challenged other bloggers to pose to their readers in return.

The question is this: what are three words that best describe you?

Here is my answer.

Positive – With the difficulties life throws our way, I try my best not to waste time dwelling on news, people, circumstances that are negative and devoid of any goodness. As someone who loves the Lord, I prefer to keep my eyes on Him so that I can see the beauty in places the world reports as ugly. I used to be an insatiable gossip, but thankfully, as I grew in my walk with the Lord, He taught me how harmful words can be when spoken carelessly. It took me years to shake the bad habit, and I admit to the occasional relapse, but it’s amazing how freeing honesty and transparency can be.

Encouraging – I know this kind of goes hand-in-hand with being positive, but it’s one of my spiritual gifts and I try to use it as often as possible. I’ve learned that encouragement can take many forms, from a warm smile to a kind a word, but no matter what the form, I’ve decided to live my life looking for ways to be an encouragement to the people around me.

Original – God only made one me. All I have to give this world is what’s inside me. So with that, I’ve learned to be myself, comfortable in my own skin, and unapologetically authentic. Sometimes I’m a goofball, sometimes I’m forgetful, and sometimes I’m driven and focused to a level that can be a bit much for other people. But no matter what, I bring my own style, my own voice, and my own genuine self to life’s grand party.

So now that I’ve told you three words that best describe me. What three words best describe you? Don’t be shy. If you’ve never posted a comment on my blog, why not start now and share a little about yourself. I’d love to get to know you better.


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10 Responses

  1. Enjoyed reading this. Hmmm 3 words, will have to think on that.

  2. Humor–I have a great sense of humor, thanks to a funny dad, grandpa, and living with three brothers.

    Laughter–everyone finds my laughter (when appropriate) to be infectious. In fact, I’d love a diff body (without the phy. problems), but I’d want to keep my personality.

    Faithful–I’m faithful to my friendships. But I find it hard when relationships change and people move on. I don’t want to move on.

  3. Your encouragement really shows through on your blog, too!

    Three words to describe me? Let’s see… {insert long pause}…..


    Yeah. I made the last one up 😉

  4. Sharon,

    You are definitely all three and I’d add “up-lifting” to the mix. You’ve been such a blessing to me (oops! there’s another word for you).


  5. Linda, I love being around people with a great sense of humor. If you have a moment, check out one of my earlier posts titled “Laughter is Contagious.” It’s a hilarious video of this guy laughing. His laugh was so unusual that I laughed just listening to him. Off and on, I must have watched the video four or five times. What a hoot!

  6. Georgiana, I love your made up word. 🙂 Your fun personality comes through so strong on your blog. I bet your family enjoys your upbeat spirit. What a blessing.

  7. It’s just like you, Angie, to encourage the encourager. You never fail to brighten my day. I so treasure our friendship. You, my dear, are a blessing and an angel (earthbound angel) but an angel nonetheless. 🙂

  8. Sharon,

    I agree with you on all 3 words. I would also like to add “kind” and “uplifting.” You have truly been both to me…

  9. Awww…Jewel you made my day. Thank you so much, my dear.

  10. heey i think 3 words that mean the most about me is 1.love 2. sweet 3. helpfule.

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