Bikinis Aren’t For Everyone


What is it about summer that drives people to wear clothes they shouldn’t be caught dead in? I know it’s hot, I know it’s humid, but come on. The weather shouldn’t be an excuse for a person to loose their doggone mind. To prove my point, I’ll describe for you firsthand how my eyes were assaulted by a rather disturbing sight that, try as I might, I can’t erase from my mind.

My husband and I had decided to swing by the brand new store—Bealls—that had opened up down the street from my parent’s house. I love shopping, as some of you probably know, and I was particularly excited about exploring this new store. As my husband pulled into the parking lot, I spotted a group of young people, probably in their late teens or early twenties, clustered by the front door talking. One young girl had on a pale yellow ruffled bikini, and as we drew closer my desire to shop soured as I took in the panorama of her swimsuit. Imagine putting a size 10 bikini on a size 20 body. The bottom material stretched across the girl’s bulging waist, pulled to its full capacity and then some, separating folds of gut. And the top…Mercy! Why even bother really? Who-who’s and rump were hanging out everywhere. Gracious me, I’m telling you all the honest truth.

Now I know I shouldn’t be talking about folks, but when someone walks around wearing something that atrocious they loose the right to have innocent onlookers be discreet. I mean, be for real. No one else in the group was dressed nearly that provocative or distasteful. You would think one of her friends would have pulled her aside and encouraged her to forgo the bikini, the beach, or something. But everyone in the group chatted as if body parts weren’t hanging out and causing an eyesore.

Okay…I think I’m done. We need to seriously pray for these young people, you guys. It’s so sad that so many young folks show such little regard for themselves—much less other people. What a shame isn’t it?




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6 Responses

  1. all i can say is, “wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” lol

  2. LOL Wowwwwww indeed.

  3. Ewww….

    Makes you wonder what people are thinking. Sadly, it might be that she believes that’s the only way she can get attention 😦

  4. Unfortunately, Georgiana, you might be right. How sad to think that young girl might have been screaming for attention the only way she knew how.

  5. Love that story! If that didn’t make you go blind nothing will.

  6. LOL Mary, my eyes are still hurting!

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