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A Hole In One Celebration

Last week, all of my family gathered in Florida for a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party that we put together for my mom and dad. As part of the weekend festivities, my hubby and I played a round of golf with my two brothers—something we haven’t done as a group in a very long time. As fate would have it, the rain that we were anticipating never arrived, and we teed off early enough to beat some of the heat and humidity. On the fourth hole—a par three—my hubby teed off and sent a balling sailing right on to the green. When the ball rolled, it looked as though it might actually fall into the cup. I shouted, “It’s going to make it!” And we all stood there—motionless—watching the ball roll. It finally rolled to a stop a few inches to the right of the cup.

See for yourself.

Almost a hole in one

Is that close or what? We hooted and hollered like my hubby actually sank the shot because quite frankly, that was the closet thing to a hole in one that I had ever seen. Little did we know…the real thing was right around the corner.

On the twelfth hole, which was another par three, my brother led us off and stepped up to tee off first. He took a nice easy swing, made great contact with the ball, and we watched as the ball sailed through the air and landed a few inches from the cup. The ball rolled, and rolled, and dropped right into the hole! Can you believe it? Talk about some shouting going on. We yelled like the sky was falling. Up until that point I had never witnessed a hole in one. I haven’t even seen one on television. My brother was so shocked he could barely speak. This is him, holding the lucky ball.

A Hoe in one

We played another hole, but we were so jazzed up that we couldn’t concentrate. “Let’s just call it a day,” my brother said.

We agreed, and my hubby scooped up my brother’s ball and handed it to him. “Here’s the hole in one ball.” My hubby presented the neon-green ball to my brother like it was one of the crown jewels.

My brother hesitantly took the ball with a confused expression on his face. “Uh…actually…this isn’t the ball.”

“Where’s the hole in one ball?” my hubby said.

My brother looked back at the water behind us and said, “I teed off with that ball and hit it into the water.”

“You what?!”

“I didn’t even think about it. I just picked up my ball and teed off.”

We glanced at the murky deep water and sighed. “Well…it’s gone now.”

Isn’t life funny like that? Here today and gone tomorrow. Oh well…he still received a cute little trophy and the lady in the Pro Shop gave him another ball that my brother liked even better.

Matson with golf trophyShe razzed him a bit, but she made the presentation special just the same. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience—and we were all blessed to be there as witnesses. How cool is that?

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4 Responses

  1. Ball or no ball that is awesome, congrats!!!

  2. A hole in one? That’s quite an accomplishment!

    An even greater accomplishment is 50 years of marriage. Congrats to your parents. 🙂


  3. That’s wonderful about your parent’s golden anniversary, your husband’s great golf shot and your brother’s hole in one. What a week filled with life-long memories!

  4. Lori, Susan, and Mary, thank you all for the congratulations. The weekend couldn’t have been more divinely special. God is so good.

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