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Wednesday Favorites – Comfort Food

A few days ago, I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio) reporting on the effects the recession has had on restaurant patronage. The journalist noted the creative means that the chef being interviewed had to employ in order to create menu items that would be affordable without lowering the quality and standards of this higher-end restaurant. Believe it or not, the way this chef accomplished adding better valued meals to the menu was by introducing comfort foods made with ingredients that titillated the taste buds without breaking the bank. For example, when making fishcakes he used haddock as opposed to tuna.

As I listened to the program, I started thinking about comfort foods that I really enjoy. I also wondered what foods are universally considered comfort foods around the country. I’m not sure if my list is accurate according to the food experts, but these dishes sure bring comfort to me. Here is my list of top three comfort entrees.


#1 – Chili. My husband makes the absolute best chili. Since neither of us are big cheese eaters, I like my chili with beans, ground sirloin, onion, stewed tomatoes, and spices. No sour cream for me either.


#2 – Meatloaf. I have a recipe from Betty Crocker’s cookbook that I use all the time and I love it. Some people like gravy on their meatloaf, but I actually prefer catsup. Yum!


#3 – Spaghetti and meatballs. The recipe I use for the sauce and meatballs is another from good ol’ Betty’s cookbook. Betty sure knows how to keep it simple for people like me who aren’t real savvy in the kitchen.


I hope I haven’t made you guys hungry. Talking about food can be a dangerous thing for me, but every since I listened to that program I’ve got comfort food on the brain. Are there any other chili-lovers out there? What are your favorite comfort foods?




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8 Responses

  1. Sharon, I like some good chili. When it gets cold, I make big pots of it and eat it for several days. I like with cheese or without. And I like it with rice (something taught to me by a German lady I used to work for) or without rice (the way I was raised eating it).

    I also love to make big pots of homemade soup when it gets cold. I make a wonderful vegetable beef (from my Dad’s recipe) and a great creamy chicken and rice recipe that I saw on the Food Network several years ago.

  2. Oh, Sarah, you’re so right. There’s nothing like homemade soup on a cold day. I love vegatable beef and chicken noodle. My mom makes delcious taco soup which sounds weird, but it’s really good. Doggone it, now I’ve gone and made myself hungry. 🙂

  3. Chocolate is my biggest comfort food. 🙂

    I love homemade beef stew, but I have to put sour cream in it. That softens the strong taste of beef in the broth and makes it really smooth and creamy.

    Good thing I’m grocery-shopping tomorrow.

  4. LOL, Sally. Me, you, and Michelle Sutton could have our own chocolate party! I love a line from the television show “Star Trek Next Generation”–I used to love that show. One of the characters said, “I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” What a great line.

  5. Chocolate chip cookies and milk top my list of comfort foods. I also love meatballs and spaghetti.

    In hot weather, I crave sherbert and Italian ices.

    Susan 🙂

  6. Oh, Susan, you made me hungry! I love chocolate chips cookies and sherbert is a definite favorite. Yum!

  7. Mac & Cheese !!! my mom used to make the world’s best homemade mac & cheese with little bits of onion in it-baked to bubbly, gooey, cheesey perfection in the middle and crispy brown on top. I found recipe that comes close, but nothing will ever be as good as her’s was….wish I could have that again….sigh !

  8. Homemade mac & cheese–oh my mouth is watering. Peggy, if you ever find your mom’s recipe you absolutely have to share it with me. I can almost taste the bubbly cheese.

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