Wednesday Favorites – Shoes

Cute ShoesXSmall

I’ve got shoes on the brain and I can’t seem to shut it off. I love shoes—all sorts of shoes, but there’s a shoe buying moratorium in our house and I’m going crazy. Here’s the story. When I had a choice of where to spend my precious few little dollars it came down to the ACFW Denver writers conference or—you guessed it—shoes. Oooh…what to do…what to do? Hum…Really, the decision was a no brainer. As you know from previous posts, I did the right thing and placed a higher value on attending the conference—very mature on my part, I might add. But now that the conference has come and gone, I want some new stinkin’ shoes! Everyone is walking around in cute new fall fashions, and I’m stuck on the sideline in rickety sneakers. Actually, my sneakers are new, but the purchase was a total necessity, so technically the spend counts, but not—in my opinion. Anywho, you see how the absence of shoe shopping is affecting my brain? I believe I should go shopping on the grounds that to not do so might inflict undue harm on those around me. Namely, my husband. Too bad he won’t fall for that argument.

If by some miracle, a shoe fairy twinkled by my closet and left a pair of shoes, I can tell you, hands down, who my all time favorite shoemaker is. I love, love, love Merrell shoes. I’ve had foot surgery so I know a thing or two about needing comfortable shoes. Give me a pair of Merrell shoes any day. I have several pairs now, but a girl can never have too many.

Since I can’t buy so much as a shoelace, I thought it might help me if I lived vicariously through you guys. Who are your favorite shoemakers and what are your favorite shoe stores? And don’t give me one of those stingy one word answers. I want details, people. I want to smell the leather and see pretty colors in your descriptions. Wait…let me close my eyes…okay go…




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2 Responses

  1. Ahhh, I do so wish you could live vicariously through me, but any cute pair of shoes I own came from my husband. He does the shoe shopping around these parts, which is a good thing because I’d just buy flip flops.

  2. LOL My husband has good taste too, thankfully. These days, I’m mostly into comfortable shoes so I can appreciate a good pair of flip-flops. The days of high fashion kill-your-feet shoes is long gone. My feet continue to thank me. 🙂

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