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Wednesday Favorites – Mac or PC

For years, I’ve always been a PC girl. In fact, I never gave Apple more than a passing glance until I purchased my iPhone. Now that I’ve fallen in love with my new phone, I can’t help but wonder if I should rethink my preference for the PC. One of my older brothers is a die-hard Apple fan and he truly loves all things Apple—desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, etc. Even though I’ve used his computer, and have been impressed with certain features, I still feel the cost is way too high, and I find I prefer the look and feel of Microsoft Windows. As a disclaimer, when I say, “I prefer Microsoft Windows,” I’m excluding Windows Vista, the software, in my experience, is a mangy dog with fleas. With the exception of Vista, my preference is probably based on familiarity, but I still tend to lean in a certain direction. I’m not ready to buy a new computer just yet, but I’d prefer to compare products now, before excitement and emotion enter into the equation.

So here’s my question for you guys. Are you a Mac?


Or a PC?


What would you say are the pros and cons of the technology you prefer? In your opinion, which product offers the best overall value?




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8 Responses

  1. Good question! I’ve never had a Mac so I can only speak from one side, but I think Macs are way too expensive. My laptop PC works juuuust fine for me. I got a Toshiba last spring (hence the biggest reason I didn’t attend the conference) and I’m loving it.

  2. I know what you mean, Georgiana. The Mac cost factor is a big deterrent for me too.

  3. Hi, Sharon! I’m a PC girl, myself. But like you, it’s really based on familiarity.

  4. Mary, I can’t help but think, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” But, then again, maybe there’s an even better way. Hum…

  5. Sharon,
    I’m a PC girl–ditto everyone else’s comments. First the cost, second familiarity. My school uses PCs. It offered all sorts of courses throughout the year. To be compatible, I kept with a PC.
    My sister loves her Apple. Says all the software interchanges. Still for cost and availability, my next computer will be a PC
    Carol (No Vista–Windows 07 or 2010 or whatever the new one is–mangy dog with fleas sounds good for Vista)

  6. Carol, great minds think alike. LOL.

  7. I am SUCH an Apple girl & I love iMacs more than any computer in the world!

    It’s not only the looks & the performance but I really love slideshows & editting & all the programs on iMacs too!

  8. Martina, I know what you mean. I love my new iPad! Apple really does make some great products.

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