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Author Spotlight on Anthony Jerrod

Anthony Jerrod

One of the youngest and brightest Christian thinkers of this generation, Anthony Jerrod leads readers to the answers they seek in his book Carnal Striving Spiritual. Jerrod is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Southern University and Louisiana State University and has been writing Christian literature and poetry for more than 15 years. He is a contributing columnist for One Voice Magazine and the International Christian Network that reaches more than 85 nations.

Anthony, it’s great having you as a guest on my blog today. Can you begin by telling us how you came up with the title of your book?

Carnal Striving Spiritual_high resCarnal Striving Spiritual is definitely a God-breathed idea and a vision that God gave me to birth. God ministered to my heart on everything from the title to the overall framework of the book. I could have not derived such a powerful title with my limited and finite knowledge. The title speak volumes as there are so many people around the world battling with pain, hurt, injustices, oppression, carnality, and sin, who are yearning to hear a “fresh” word from the Lord.

Were there any struggles that you experienced while writing Carnal Striving Spiritual?

I wholeheartedly believe whenever God gives you a task that has the possibility of blessing a multitude of people from around the world, Satan will attempt to deter you with all his might. And, three of the major pathways Satan tried to derail me were through discouragement, disappointment, and fear. The devil always appears to send negative people my way to speak words of discouragement (e.g., no one is going to read that type of book, publishers will not show interest in your book, etc.). Then, there is disappointment, which evolves from people in your circumference and microcosm that you know will not support you or support what you are doing for the LORD. Additionally, it was disheartening to discover there were a few Christian authors and ministers who were not interested in offering advice and assistance. Finally, although God has not given me a spirit of fear, I found myself exhibiting anxiety and worry relative to the book. For example, I would pose questions to myself such as, “Is the manuscript something the body of Christ would see as valuable? Will I encounter any major detriments during the publishing process? Should I write about a topic that some may consider too controversial?”

On the whole, it was my relationship with God that helped me to keep pressing forward, despite the wicked wiles of the devil.

What are some of the topics covered in your book?

The book covers topics including carnality as it relates to the mind, the church, the tongue, race, relationships and pure intimacy, and romance. With each chapter, Carnal Striving Spiritual speaks to different aspects of the reader.

The first chapter, Carnality and the Mind, reflects on the movement of one whose thoughts are separated from the Lord’s teachings to one whose thoughts are secured in Christ’s message.

In the chapter entitled Carnality and the Tongue, the book delves into the power of words and how to move beyond the mundane ways of the person who struggles with carnality to the speech and views of a spiritual Christian.

Throughout several chapters, there is an examination of the complexities of relationships, whether it be parent to child, man to woman, or friend to friend. The book interprets the relationships and the interaction each has with the Lord and stresses the importance of closeness with Christ and His teachings in all of one’s relationships.

The last chapter, Pure Romance and Intimacy celebrates the closeness of husband and wife as they worship the Lord and explore the love and devotion between two people, as well as the temptation of others.

At the end of the day, what message do you want to convey to your readers?

For those willing to dig in and personally analyze the material covered, I unequivocally believe that Carnal Striving Spiritual will serve as a poetic handbook and manual for introspectively anatomizing one’s walk with Christ and as a guide to living a more abundant life in Christ.

My hope is that readers will be provided with inspiration, encouragement and refreshment to return to their first love in Christ and to undergo a metamorphosis from “carnal striving spiritual” to “spiritual striving heavenly”.

What’s next for Anthony Jerrod?

I look forward to commencing the writing process again during next year. God has deposited four books in my heart including More Favor: More Battles, Abundant Life: Poor Life, The Blues of the Christian Walk, and Spiritual Striving Heavenly. So, in obedience to God, I look forward to birthing these proposed manuscripts over the next few years.




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3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a powerfully good book. Added it to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing. Interesting chapter headings and topics.

  2. Thank you, Linda. I think Anthony’s book sounds powerfull and interesting as well.

  3. You will find the article by Craige Lewis on the Carnal Church rather tongue in cheek but interesting.http://7drizzles7.wordpress.com/2010/02/17/10-signs-of-a-carnal-church/

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