Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Last week I was in the post office and couldn’t help eavesdropping on a conversation between a little boy and his father. I was actually ahead of them in line, but I was able to hear their exchange quite well. Before you call me nosy, let me just say in my defense, the boy was talking pretty loud. Somehow, father and son stumbled on the topic of Christmas, and the little boy rambled off the toys he wanted. While the boy described the toys he absolutely had to have, he made sure to note the ones grandma and grandpa would take care—smart kid. From the corner of my eye, I saw the kid’s wide gestures and the father’s face, flushed with amusement. The more the kid talked, the more excited the boy became. The more excited the boy became, the louder he talked. The louder the boy talked, the more his father tried to shush him. The more his father tried to shush him, the more animated the boy became, and gestured over the father’s desperate appeals.

As a few of us adults listened in, we chuckled and gave each other knowing smiles. Just as the kid had ramped into fast loud talking, he stopped—sniffed—and looked up at his father. With his young face scrunched in confusion the boy said, “It smells like Chinese food in here.”

A tiny laugh escaped from me and a few other folks standing close to them. His father smiled, shrugged, and decided switching the conversation back to Christmas was better. “So…are you gonna call grandpa?”

Ha—kids! You gotta love ‘em.




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