Reach Out to Our U.S. Soldiers

According to a CNN article dated February 5, 2009, the U.S. Army announced record suicide rates among its soldiers in 2008. Sadly, it appears the trend has continued in 2009 as well. I recently corresponded with Ron Leonard, a retired Army chaplain, and he shared information that has caused me great alarm and also touched my heart. Over the last three months there have been 19 suicides at Fort Campbell. That’s 19 suicides at just one base alone. One doesn’t have to be a quantum physicist to see and understand how much our men and women serving in the Armed Forces are hurting. With the load each soldier carries on his or her shoulders, I know of only one source who can provide true support, true life-preserving relief, true understanding, and infinite love—and that’s the Savior Himself.

Thankfully, I haven’t reached a point in my life where I seriously, with everything inside of me, wanted to check out and call it quits. But I’ve struggled enough to know utter fear and desperation. It’s in those times when you simply lift your voice and ask for help that you feel, in your own skin, how real Jesus actually is. In the heat of the battle for your life, your sanity, your marriage etc. that’s when Jesus goes from being some mythical God that maybe you aren’t even sure exists, to a real hero who rescues you right when you’ve come to the end of yourself or your situation. It’s this kind of help that I pray our soldiers will freely receive.

Soldiers Praying

Once I wrapped my mind and my heart around the hopelessness that many of our soldiers face every day, I immediately asked myself, “What can I do?” Here are a few resources that may provide insight to help you answer that question for yourself: Christian Military Fellowship, Blackaby Ministries International, and IFCA International. Also, you might want to consider donating inspirational books and music. If donating is something you’re interested in learning about, please contact me for more information.

I’ll leave you with this video that I hope will linger in your heart for awhile.




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6 Responses

  1. Last week, as we celebrated Veteran’s Day, I was excited to see such a great outpouring of love toward the military community. But at the same time I was sad, because I think we should be loving the military like that 365 days a year and not just on patriotic holidays. Thank you for this post, Sharon! This is an important reminder to pray for our military men and women EVERY day because even when they’re at home, they’re on the front lines EVERY day. They need someone to hold up their arms. And as Christians, that’s our job.

  2. Sarah, it’s so funny you should say this because I felt the same way on Veterans Day. I think the awful tragedy at Fort Hood was a sobering reminder of how much our men and women in the Armed Forces need our prayers.

  3. Fort Hood was such a tragedy. Our servicemen and women need our constant support.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. My heart goes out to all those affected by the Fort Hoot tragedgy. You’re so right, Stesha, our servicemen and women need our constant support. Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

  5. The Military Ministry has lots of great resources for those in the military:

  6. Mary, thanks for sharing the information for the Military Ministry.

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