Wednesday Favorites – Charitable Giving

One of the many things that bum me out about the recession is being forced to cut down on charitable giving. I suspect I’m not alone in having to curb giving to charities due to our current economic situation and how it has affected my pocketbook. So often, I find myself wishing I could support causes I really believe in. Even though I may not have a lot of money to give, I try to help in other ways too. Prayer, of course, is always free, always helpful, and always something I can do whether I have money or not. In addition to prayer, I’m blessed with being able to donate books from my personal library, and send cards of encouragement. I keep reminding myself that while I’m small and can do very little, God is all powerful and able to do all things.

I may not have the financial means to give as I once did, but I can showcase my favorite causes and pray for the effectiveness of these organizations in helping millions of people.

Here are two organizations I’ve supported in the past and hope to support again soon.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Susan Komen imagesI think most of us probably know at least one person who has or had breast cancer. In my case, scores of friends have battled and are battling this horrible disease, and I wish there was a cure. And not a cure for just breast cancer, but cures for all forms of cancer. Sometimes, I get so mad at the enemy for using this disease to steal the lives of people I love or care about. In times when I’m burdened with sadness, I find prayer is the only thing that keeps me from being in a constant state of sorrow. For my friends who know Jesus, I’m saddened when they leave this world, but I know I’ll see them again. But for friends who don’t know the Lord, my heart hurts so bad I can barely breathe. I hope scientists are able to find more effective, less invasive, and less harsh ways of treating cancer.

United Way

United Way imagesUntil I learned more about the United Way I had no idea how much the organization helps our communities and in so many different ways. I think the United Way’s Live United message says it all.

“Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are all people. Connected, Interdependent, United. And when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. That’s what it means to live united.”

Do you have a favorite organization you like to support? If you’re like me, and funds are limited, what organizations would you support if you could?

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6 Responses

  1. It is sad the way the recession has affected charitable organizations. In our town the food pantries are suffering and the homeless situation is growing worse. Excellent reminder by you to keep our eyes open and prayerfully watch for opportunities to bless others!

  2. Georgiana, I wish I could do more financially, but it’s just not possible right now. Thankfully, our God is able and He is not limited in any way.

  3. Most of my charitable giving is done through my church. However, I do have two other organizations that I give to as well.

    Food Lion grocery stores has a program set up where every time you swipe your MVP shopper card, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to the organization of your choice. I have mine set up to donate to my local CareNet crisis pregnancy center. I have a limited budget, but I DO buy groceries. And so, I feel very good about knowing that every time I buy toilet paper and bread and milk, a little bit goes toward making sure that babies are saved and mothers are ministered to.

    The other organization I support is International Justice Mission. I am unable to give to them financially right now, but for the past year or year and a half, I have been a prayer partner for them as they work all over the world to end human trafficking.

  4. That is so cool that Food Lion does that. It’s nice to know that your spending dollars are actually going to support an organizaiton of your choice. Great idea, Food Lion!

  5. “Prayer is always free” is something I remind myself of often. And, in the end, it’s probably the most valuable gift we could give anyway!

  6. Katie, your so right. Prayer is our most valuable gift.

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