Yuck! Dog Germs

Every now and then, I’ll catch myself doing something so off-the-charts stupid I can only laugh at myself and hope no one witnessed me in all my doofus glory. A few days ago, I was playing tug of war with my dog—I was sitting on the sofa and she was standing on the floor. Like many dogs, our little girl loves this game and she has two favorite tug toys. Now, being that I’ve played this game with her lots of times, I know from experience that it’s best to keep my dog at arms length lest she pounce all over my chest.

After a walk and a full belly, my dog was in the mood to play—I wanted to read my book, but she was having no parts of that. We keep her toys in a little wicker basket and she went to her “toy box”, selected her favorite chewed-up giraffe, and brought it to me. As she rose on her hind legs and dove at the toy in my hand I laughed, as I always do, at how cute she looked.

So there we are, us playing and me laughing while tugging on my end of the toy. My dog jumped up on the couch and we resumed the game with her tugging on the toy and my face getting closer and closer to hers while I laughed. I don’t know if she dropped her end on purpose or not—she’s a clever little minx—but one moment I was leaning down laughing, and the next I was whacking myself in the mouth with her chewed-up toy. Eewwww!!! Dadgumit I think she smiled! That will teach me…




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3 Responses

  1. That’s worse that kisses in the mouth…I think! Cute doggie outfit.

  2. Oh, she’s so adorable!

  3. Linda and Susan, thank you both so much. I know I’m a proud momma, but I must admit that my little doggie sure is a cutie pie. 🙂

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