Wednesday Favorite – Ringing the New Year

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and pretty soon we’ll be getting ready to ring in a new year. What are your plans for tomorrow night? Here in Atlanta we have the peach drop, which is our smaller version of New York’s dazzling ball drop.

Last year my family, cousins included, went to Underground Atlanta, which is downtown, and together we watched the peach drop at midnight. The crowd—oh my goodness—the crowd was insane. Granted, I’m not a crowd person, so maybe that contributed to my wariness, but one thing I learned from that small adventure was that I’ll never do something like that again—not even in Time Square. Alcohol and crowds do not go well together so wherever you have people drinking in confined spaces, bad things are bound to happen. Although we managed to have a fairly enjoyable time, there were many instances when I truly feared for everyone’s safety.

On a positive note, we got to see Julianne Hough perform her debut song “My Hallelujah Song.” I’m a huge fan of “Dancing with the Stars” so it was a real treat to see her perform without having to buy a ticket.

This year we’ve decided to stay home, where it’s nice and warm, and watch the ball drop from the comfort of our own living room. I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and I look forward to hanging out with you in the new year.




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Photo: Atlanta Journal Constitution


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  1. The peach–what a great idea! Here in my town we have a giant pine cone. We’re staying home too, much safer that way. Plus I don’t always stay up until midnight 😉

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