Goals for 2010

Today is the first “working day” of the New Year and it’s time to get busy working on the goals I’ve set for myself this year. I’m sure most of you have read or sat through lectures about how to set goals, so I’ll skip the basic steps. The key is to write down what you want to accomplish and when you’re going to get it done. Last year I purchased an application on iTunes (Goal Tender) that worked out well so I’m using that same app this year—may as well stick with what works.

Usually I only share my goals with my friend, who acts as my accountability partner, but this year I’ve decided to be brave and share a few of my goals right here on my blog. Please feel free to keep me on my toes and check up on me so that I keep the proverbial pedal to the metal.

Since I have several goals, I’ll stick to writing one of my primary goals along with the action steps needed to reach it.


Goal: Write book number two


Action Steps                                          Target Completion Dates

Write one sentence pitch                                    01/15/10

Write single paragraph story summary             01/15/10

Write one-page synopsis                                   01/20/10

Write first draft                                                     04/01/10

Revise first draft                                                   05/31/10

Edit revised draft                                                  06/31/10

Rewrite story summary                                        07/15/10

Rewrite one-page synopsis                                07/31/10

Write 2-3 page synopsis                                     08/30/10


Have you set your goals for 2010? How did you do in reaching the goals you set in 2009?




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