Author Kit Wilkinson Visits Us Today

Win a copy of Protector’s Honor. Contest starts today!


Kit, first let me give you a cyber hug and congratulate you on the release of your debut novel, Protector’s Honor. Before we dive into talking about your book and your writing journey let me tell everyone a little about your background.

Kit Wilkinson is a Phi Kappa Phi graduate, with multiple degrees from the University of Virginia, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Lausanne. After teaching for many years, she became a stay-home mom and started writing romantic fiction while her kids napped. She’s the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious RWA Golden Heart for Best Inspirational Romance. Besides writing, Kit loves hanging out with friends and family, cooking for lots of people, and participating in almost any sport. She and her wonderful husband reside in Virginia with their two young children and one extremely energetic Border Collie mix named Bear.

I was so thrilled to hear about the release of your first novel. What’s Protector’s Honor about?

Thanks, Sharon! I’m pretty excited about this book, too. So, let’s see…Protector’s Honor is an inspirational romantic suspense and just so that I don’t spoil the ending or anything I’m going to cheat here and give you the back cover blurb…

It’s instinct. When NCIS agent Rory Farrell hears a woman scream, he reacts. But even after he saves her from abduction, Rory can’t get the beautiful and fragile Tabitha Beaumont out of his mind. Especially when he finds a connection between Tabitha and his latest murder investigation. She needs protection—Rory’s protection—while Rory needs answers Tabitha doesn’t even realize she holds. Yet how can he find the truth without betraying Tabitha’s trust? Soon, Rory must decide what matters most—keeping his objective distance, or keeping Tabitha, in his arms and under his protection, forever.

How many years did you write before this book was published?

I had been writing for about three years before this book was contracted. I used to be a teacher and decided after my second child was born to stay home while the kids were young. While they were napping, I started writing a story on my computer. A few months later I had written a whole novel and had loved every minute of it!

Many writers have an “aha” moment when they realize they want to pursue their passion for writing. Did you have a moment like that? If you did experience such a moment, how did you get started?

My “aha” moment was probably the moment after I finished the first story and knew that I couldn’t wait to start another. It might be important to say that I was not actively seeking publication at this time, but learning the craft and the business, writing and reading a lot of commercial fiction.

On your road to publication, what piece of advice do you recall as being the most helpful?

“Just sit down and write,” that’s what New York Times Best Selling author Cathy Maxwell said to me when we were chatting one day about writing. And, well, it’s simple, but it’s some pretty great advice. Also joining writers’ organizations can be very helpful in getting writers in contact with the right people—agents, editors, other writers, and masters of the craft.

Why romantic suspense—what made you choose this genre?

No idea!!! It’s just what came out when I started writing. I think it chose me. 🙂

As a romance writer, do you also enjoy movies with a romantic theme? If so, what are a few of your favorites?

YES! I love romantic comedies and romantic action flicks! Love Actually, Romancing the Stone, Music and Lyrics, You’ve Got Mail, While You were Sleeping,…oh, so many great movies!

Sharon, thanks so much for having me on your blog. And I’m happy to give away one copy of Protector’s Honor to any of your followers who have a question for me today.


Thanks to Kit’s kind offer, anyone who leaves a comment for Kit will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Protector’s Honor. The contest ends January 27, 2010 and the chances of winning depend of the number of entries. Sorry, folks, but this contest is only available to U.S. residents. May the best woman—or man—win!




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14 Responses

  1. You know I can’t resist a love-inspired suspense! NCIS at that! Please add me to your contest. Thanks.

  2. Sharon, wonderful interview, as always.
    Kit, congrats on your debut. Looks wonderful. And wow! a Golden Heart on your first time out? That’s amazing. Good for you staying home with the kids. I admire your sacrifice, and I am heartened that the Lord rewarded you for it with a way to minister and use your giftings at home. Mazel tov!

  3. Linda, you’re officially entered, dear one. 🙂

  4. Kathleen, you’re so right about God rewarding Kit to use her gifts for Him. Our God is so amazing!!!!

  5. Thanks, Ladies, for the kinds words. Thanks, Sharon, for posting me!

    Yes, our God is truly amazing!

  6. It’s my pleasure, Kit. Blessings to you as you continue to write for our King.

  7. I enjoyed reading Protector’s Honor and look forward to your next book, Kit. You introduced me to a new sub-genre. 🙂

    Sharon, since I already have the book, please don’t enter me in the drawing.

  8. Keli, thank you so much for stopping by and encouraging Kit with your kind words. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Wow! Sounds like yet another great author.
    Can’t wait to have my own show at these nice digs!!


  10. Patti, you never fail to make me smile. I hope we have a chance to meet at a conference one day. What a great time we’d have!

  11. Hi Sharon & Kit –

    Congratulations on a great interview and your book release. Protector’s Honor sounds like a book I’d enjoy.

    Please enter me in the drawing. 🙂


  12. Susan, thank you so much. Blessings to you, my dear.

  13. Do we have a winner, Sharon?

  14. Kit, I’m pleased to announce that Patti Lacy is the winner of the contest! I’ll provide you with here contact information today. Thank you again for graciously offering your book as a giveaway to my readers. Blessings…

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