Spotlight on Author Janice Jones

As a wife and mother Janice Jones’s passion for writing came sometime later in life. While her favorite subjects in school were English, Composition, and Literature, she never considered writing as something she enjoyed doing until she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Initially, she started out writing poems, but Janice soon moved on to writing spiritual essays based on her testimonial. From her life-experiences she wrote the book Still Standing, which was her first nonfiction book accepted for publication. In addition to Still Standing, Janice is the author of His Woman, His Wife, His Widow, a novel the Lord laid on her heart to write. In April her latest novel, From Sinner to Saint, will be released under the Urban Christian Fiction imprint of Kensington Books.


From Sinner to Saint Back Cover Blurb

Antonyo Ian Demonté Simms treats women as casually as most people treat their socks, changing them frequently. With the help of his aunt LaTrece, his mother’s irresponsible twin sister, Antonyo learns how to use his good looks and charisma to win the hearts—and treasures—of a vast array of female companions. Each of these women thinks that she may just be the one who can turn this hot hunk into a husband, but Antonyo has no intention of changing his womanizing ways.

The only woman Antonyo can’t get over on is his no-nonsense mother, LaTrina. After struggling as a single teen mother, she has worked hard to change her life and be a good example for her son. She attempts every day to stir into her son all the right ingredients to turn him into a man.

LaTrina gives her life to Christ, and as she grows in her relationship with God, she does all in her power to convince Antonyo to do the same thing. Antonyo is impressed with the new person his mother is becoming, but he’s certain that his life is fine exactly the way it is.

Can a mother’s love and God’s all-encompassing power, grace, and mercy change a young man from sinner to saint before Satan drags him into the pits of hell?




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6 Responses

  1. Wow, this cover art captures my fancy. Kinda reminds me of Angela Benson’s voice!

    Thanks for hosting Janice! I look forward to reading her book…when I work through my knee-deep stack!!!


  2. Patti, doesn’t it feel like the stack of books waiting to be read never goes down? I keep chipping away, hoping to make better progress. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to read this book, I loved Janice Jones’ First book His Woman His Wife His Widow, and It was a very heartwarming, awesome, Emotion Filled book, God bless you Janice jones.

  4. Rhonda, thank you so much for stopping by to bless Janice with your kind words. Be blessed and have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend.

  5. Janice is a very talented storyteller. I look forward to this novel.

  6. What a blessing Janice Jones has been to me. Her books have inspired me to write the book that God has placed on my heart to write.

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