5 Surefire Ways to Handle Rejection

I think we can all agree that rejection stinks—no two ways about it. While I’m used to the idea of rejection being a part of a writer’s life, I still find it hard to accept this reality. Oddly, I haven’t received a rejection letter in the last several weeks, but guess what also stinks? Rejection by non-communication! But today I’ll share 5 surefire ways to handle rejection. I mean these here tips are guaranteed. Guaranteed to do what exactly…well darn it to heck fire don’t go gettin’ all technical on me. Just go with the flow and see where it leads you. Okay so are you with me? Here goes….

  • Go to the store and buy buckets of chocolate until your shopping cart looks like a small vat.
  • Go home and dump all the bags of chocolate on your couch. Next, play sad music—the more depressing the better—and grab a box of tissue. Plop down on the couch, listen to the music while shoving chocolates into your mouth, and cry until your tear ducts are completely dried out.
  • Make a list of everyone to blame and be sure your name is NOT on the list.
  • Call friends and family and whine incessantly, ignoring all of their problems until you feel at least a little bit better.
  • Forget steps 1-4 and spend time with Jesus. Tell Him how you feel, cry, shout, whine, and get it all out. Ask for His advice and let Him help you out of the dark place you’re in.

Now see, don’t you feel better—a smidgen at least. If these tips don’t work for you, then tell us…how do you handle rejection?




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12 Responses

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Loved this post. Your last point is great. So often I tend to wallow in self-pity instead going to the “man of sorrows” who understands what rejection is all about.

    I’m trying to keep in mind is that it’s His timing that’s important:) (even though I’d love it to be sooner:).

  2. Anita, thank you so much for stopping by today. I was so delighted to see your comment and you’re so right…it’s all about God’s timing which is always perfect. Bless you, dear one. 🙂

  3. LOL, I love it! I’m definitely going to make a list and I won’t be on it. Hee hee! I’d love to say that I do skip the first four steps and go directly to number five, but that’s not true. Sadly, I find myself running the opposite direction. I’m sure I will get another chance to try again…

  4. WOW! Patricia also has a great post on this today!!

    What??!!! Is rejection in the air, along with cold snowflakes???

    The shopping cart loaded with chocolate is a great technique, but the added “love handles” just slump me over in the long run!!!

    I am such a hard-head, I kinda pick myself up and attack with all the new weapons God will give me.

    Love this blog!!!

  5. I am so feeling all five of these, Sharon and have been there at some point. I love to share what a motherfriend of mine taught me after I had a setback:

    “Take a moment…sit back and relax while you enjoy a Ritz cracker and some good cheese. Fortify yourself because tomorrow the journey continues.”

    So when those rejections or negative reviews come, I take it as a part of the process because I know I’ll never quit writing. I love writing too much – even if I’m my only fan.

    Great post!

  6. Patti, I’ll have to cruise on over to Patricia’s blog and check out her post. Thanks!

  7. Melissa, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment. I love the quote you shared and it so blessed me. You are an angel indeed. 🙂

  8. It’s it funny, Georgiana that we still wallow in our disappointments rather than running straight into the arms of Jesus. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I keep doing it. I’m so thankful the Lord doesn’t give up on me.

  9. Timely advice, Sharon! I’ll put away the chocolate and kleenex and open up Psalms. 🙂

  10. Kathleen, you’re a women after my own heart. I’m there with you, my dear. 🙂

  11. Thanks, Alisa!

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