Celebrating Women in Ministry Blog Tour

Vanessa Miller of Dayton , Ohio is an Essence best-selling author, playwright, and motivational speaker. Her stage productions include: “Get You Some Business, Don’t Turn Your Back on God”, and “Can’t You Hear Them Crying and Abundant Rain”. To date, Vanessa has written the Rain Series and the Storm Series. The books in the Rain Series are: Former Rain , Abundant Rain, and Latter Rain. The books in the Storm Series are: Rain Storm and Through The Storm . These books have received rave reviews, winning Best Christian Fiction Awards and topping numerous Bestseller’s lists.

Yesterday’s Promise is the first book of a series entitled, Second Chance of Love. Whitaker House plans to release the next two books in October 2010 and January 2011. Visit her online at www.VanessaMiller.com.

About Yesterday’s Promise

Melinda Johnson has always felt called to ministry. So, when her father, Bishop Langston Johnson, decides to step down after thirty years of leadership at Omega Christian Center, it seems only natural for her to take his place. But Bishop Johnson feels led by a God who has other things in mind, and to succeed him, he appoints Steven Marks-a man who is opposed to female pastors, not to mention the fact that he is Melinda’s ex-fiancé.

Feeling defeated, Melinda nevertheless maintains her position as the church’s Missions and Community Outreach Director. Frequent interaction with the new bishop incites bitter sparring-and rekindles long-suppressed attraction, which grows only stronger when Melinda develops a relationship with Steven’s precious daughter, Brianna, who’s still struggling with the death of her mother.

Can Steven and Melinda set aside past pains, forgive each other, and learn to love again? Or will their opposing positions regarding women preachers keep them forever at odds?

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Tell Us About Your Favorite Female Minister

We invite you this week to highlight your favorite FEMALE MINISTER in the comment section below. Participants will be placed in a drawing for an autographed copy of Yesterday’s Promise by Vanessa Miller and a $25 Gift Card.

View the blog tour schedule and read an excerpt at http://bit.ly/WomeninMinistry.




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6 Responses

  1. Hey Sharon, once again I have to say thank you. I appreciate your willingness to blog about me and my books. Yesterday’s Promise is important to me, and I am grateful that you took the time to let others know about this book.

    Bless you,


  2. Vanessa, it was truly my pleasure to share your book with my readers. Blessings to you as you continue to write for our Lord.

  3. Sharon,
    Thank you for hosting the Celebrate Women in Ministry Blog Tour with Vanessa Miller. I hope you enjoy reading “Yesterday’s Promise.”

  4. Ty, I’m delighted to be a host on Vanessa’s blog tour and I look forward to reading her book!

  5. I would have to say Pastor Reita. She started the counseling center in our church, and goes nationwide and worldwide to do the same. She has a heart for those who struggle and wants to see God work through their lives and be free. Great minister and ministry.

  6. Linda, Pastor Reita sounds like an amazing woman of God. Thanks for telling us about her and entering the contest.

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