Security Patrol

Have you ever been sitting someplace and saw something so absurd that your mind actually focused in and considered the depth of the absurdity? I actually had this happen to me while I was sitting in the car waiting on my husband to return from the store. A roving security vehicle passed, and at first I barely noticed it. But then as I waited, it came back around again, and I noticed that the vehicle was in fact a golf cart. What threw me off was the heavy plastic tarp draped around the cart, making it appear larger than it was.

With nothing but time on my hands, I had to wonder about a few things. How was the golf cart supposed to stop someone speeding away in a car? The parking lot was huge—and free—so the person in the golf cart wasn’t a meter maid. I guess if someone were being accosted in the parking lot it might be possible for the patrolperson in the golf cart to chase down the attacker. But how often does a criminal try to escape on foot? And even if the attacker were on foot, would the security guard hear the commotion and have time to zoom over if they had to travel the length of a football field, which was about the size of the parking lot from one end to another.

See…this is what waiting can do to a person. Even now, I still don’t quite see how a golf cart patrolperson could chase down a criminal unless the patrolperson happened to be in the right place at the right time. Hum… Am I missing something?



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8 Responses

  1. Hee hee 😀 Reminds me of that movie Mall Cop. Well, having worked in a mall for nearly 8 years, I can tell you I’ve never once seen a mall cop chase down a suspect. In fact, I’ve chased down my share (one who threw a tube of mens underwear to try to keep us from apprehending him), but the golf cart partrol? Not once!

  2. Hmm, maybe it’s the same principle as cops on foot patrol. Their presence is a known deterrant on crime. Also, they can summon the police or scare away a possible auto thief or assailant.

    Susan 🙂

  3. WOW. They have all kinds of patrols these days, huh?
    I’m with you…

  4. Georgiana, the movie Mall Cop was hilarious! I can’t believe you chased down a bad guy!

  5. Ooh, good point, Susan!

  6. Patti, my DH would love to be a motorcycle cop. Me, I’m too chicken. LOL

  7. I loved Paul Blart Mall Cop!

    But I have to say, your powers of observation are what makes you such a good writer. Most people wouldn’t notice or care, but you came up with a whole range of scenarios and questions in your mind from the event. Inquiring minds sell stories. LOL

  8. Kathleen, my angel. You really know how to encourage a writer. I so needed your comments today. I guess the Lord knew that. 🙂 Thank you so much.

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