Countdown to the Final Episode of Lost

I love the show Lost and I’m so bummed that it’s going off the air after the final episode on May 23rd. You don’t have to wonder where I’ll be this Sunday evening because I’ll be sitting in front of the television, a bowl of popcorn in hand, watching the very last episode. Like other Lost fans, I’m hoping all of my questions will finally be answered. Although knowing the writers of the show, some mysteries will remain.

Here are my questions about the show.

• Are all the people on the island really in purgatory?

• Can the black smoke monster, currently inhabiting John Locke’s body, be killed? What will happen if he/it leaves the island?

• Is Jacob good or evil?

• Since there is a parallel story of the character’s lives on the island and their lives without the crash, how will these two universes come together?

• Will the Lost survivors all finally leave the island together, except Jack, of course, who now has the life-task of protecting the light? And what is that light source anyway? Does the light represent goodness?


So many questions, so little time. If you’re a Lost fan, what are the questions you’d like answered? Also, what’s your take on my questions?



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6 Responses

  1. Dare I admit that I’ve never seen an episode? Yikes! Your question about them being in Purgatory reminds me of that Angie Hunt book–but I can’t remember the name of it.

  2. Georgiana, I know the book you’re referring to by Angie Hunt. I’m pretty sure the title of the book is Uncharted. The Lost purgatory theme, where the people on the island don’t know the’re dead, is a lot like Angie’s book.

  3. I will be in front of the TV, too. I really want to buy DVDs of the complete series to study the writing.

  4. Lena, What a great idea to buy the DVD’s because you’re right, the writing is excellent. I can’t wait until Sunday’s final show!

  5. I’ve missed this entire season, and it’s killing me. lol I had to miss the first episode, and wouldn’t watch the rest of the season without it, so I’m eagerly awaiting the release on DVD, as well.

  6. Delia, I’m so thrilled that you’re a Lost fan, too! You absolutely have to get the DVD and watch season 6. Enjoy!

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