Interesting Factoids about Our World

I’m one of those geeky people who actually finds factoids about our world to be rather interesting—fascinating really. Invariably, I always seem to find surprises in the data. Since I know I can’t be the only geek out there—please tell me I’m not alone—I thought I’d share the information.

The World’s Largest Lakes

1. Caspian Sea

2. Lake Superior

3. Lake Victoria

4. Lake Huron

5. Lake Michigan

Largest Countries in the World (Square Kilometers and Square Miles)

1. Russia

2. Canada

3. United States

4. China

5. Brazil

Countries with the Greatest Population

1. China

2. India

3. United States

4. Indonesia

5. Brazil

Countries with the Most Overweight People

1. United States

2. Mexico

3. United Kingdom

4. Slovakia

5. Greece

Best Places to Live

1. France

2. Australia

3. Switzerland

4. Germany

5. New Zealand

Countries with the Highest Murders per capita

1. Columbia

2. South Africa

3. Jamaica

4. Venezuela

5. Russia

Countries with the Most Earthquakes

1. Japan

2. Pakistan

3. China

4. United States

5. Chile

Countries with the Most Olympic Medals in 2010

1. United States

2. Germany

3. Canada

4. Norway

5. Austria

Countries with the Most Debt

1. Brazil

2. Russia

3. Mexico

4. China

5. Argentina

Countries with the Highest Standard of Living

1. Norway

2. Sweden

3. Canada

4. Australia

5. United States


There you have it, folks. Were you surprised by any of these tidbits?



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6 Responses

  1. That we don’t have the highest debt and didn’t make the top five shocks me. Also, that we’re so “low” on the standard of living.
    We are a spoiled bunch–but you don’t want me to start on that topic. You can go to my blog and read about it. LOL

  2. Girl, I totally LOVE little numbered trivia tidbits like this! We should totally go on Jeopardy! 🙂

  3. I agree with Carol regarding what was surprising. I never dreamed the U.S. wouldn’t top the most-debt list!

    I love trivia like this too! It’s great for conversation starting!

  4. Carol and Erin, I was surprised that the U.S. didn’t have the highest debt, too. Very shocking!

  5. LOL Sarah, you and I are such kindred spirits. I love Jeopardy! 🙂

  6. Those were all fascinating. Surprised we (US) did not have the most debt anbd that we did make the best places to live list.

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