Reentering the Workforce

This has been an incredibly busy time for me. After a five-year sabbatical, to research and write my novel, I have reentered the workforce. As of this week I am now new Director of Operations at The Mahone Group. It has only been a few days, but already I’m absolutely thrilled to have found a new home with this staffing company, and I’m enjoying getting into the swing of things as I get acclimated to the company and the Atlanta market.

Since many of you reading this blog are looking for new employment opportunities, or you know someone who is looking for a new opportunity, I thought I’d share a few tips to help you make the best possible impression when interviewing and or starting a new job.

Dress to Impress

• Yes it’s summer and yes it’s hot, but a nice business suit is still the best choice of clothing when interviewing or starting a new job. As a rule, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed when you meet a potential employer or when you start a new job.

• I love sandals and would live in open-toed shoes if the option existed, but some business environments frown on sandals while others are fine with casual attire. Unless specified by your new boss, it is best to error on the side of caution. Keep all of your little piggies in a professional closed-toe shoe until you know what is considered appropriate clothing in your new work environment. Needless to say, this same rule applies to interviewing.

• Avoid low-cut tops and dresses.

• Wear panty hose, knee-high’s, or trouser socks rather than going commando and showing off your bare legs.

• Since many people are allergic to certain fragrances, don’t wear perfume, body spray, or scented lotion until you land the job and determine what is appropriate for your new work environment.

Come Prepared

• Arrive 10-15 minutes early when starting a new job or interviewing for a job. Sometimes traffic is unpredictable and the last thing you want to do is show up late on your first day or when meeting a potential employer.

• Bring two extra copies of your resume with you when you interview for a job. Also, make sure the extra copy you bring is the same version as the one you sent to the potential employer.

• Bring your list of references with you to the interview.

• Freshen your breath by eating a breath mint right before you sit down with your interviewer or new boss.

With the job market being as tight as it is, you want to give an employer every possible reason to hire you or to keep you on board if you already have the job. Take a few moments to prepare before your interview and get plenty of rest so that you’re able to bring your A game. For job seekers in the Atlanta, Georgia area, feel free to visit The Mahone Group’s website and submit an application online, we’d love to hear from you.



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7 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Sharon. I hope they know how blessed they are to have you!

  2. Congratulations on the new job. What a nice birthday present.

  3. Kudos, Sharon! I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful asset to your new workplace.
    These are wonderful tips. This would be a great checklist for meeting with an agent or editor, too.

  4. Congratulations on the new job, Sharon. Great tips!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for the congrates. I’m super busy, but loving the new job. 🙂

  6. Hi Sharon –

    Thanks for the tips. Now, if only someone could make me look 20 years younger. Sigh.

    Susan 🙂

  7. LOL Susan, if you find someone make sure to send them my way. 🙂

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