Sharon’s Top 5 Personal Quirks

A few days ago I was doing one of my many quirky things and realized that sometimes I’m inconvenienced by my own personal quirks, and yet they are ever present. As a writer, one thing we develop the skill to do is give our characters a few quirks so that they’re three dimensional and interesting. One day, I wouldn’t be surprised to read a book by one of my writer buddies and discover my friend has given her character one of my quirks. If and when this ever happens, I won’t be bothered. I say…embrace your quirks. Let’s face it—our quirky ways are a big part of what makes us unique and individual. Your quirks are a part of who you are as a person. If you love yourself, and I hope you do, then that means loving the quirks that are a part of you, even the ones that you find inconvenient and bothersome.

So for all of us quirky people out there, I share this list of my personal top-five quirks.

1. I love pretty paper. On the surface, this quirk may sound quite normal, but the part that makes me odd is the lengths I will go through to have pretty paper for ordinary things. Take notes, for example. I absolutely have to have pretty paper (colorful, good quality, sometimes special ordered) for even mundane things like scratch paper—scratch paper for crying out loud. But hey, that’s just how I am.

2. I always, always, always, am on the lookout for new products. It’s rare that I’ll use the same shower gel, body wash, lotion, etc. for years and years because I have this intense need to always be trying new things. I could have a product that I absolutely love, have no problem with whatsoever, but I’ll still have to try the next new thing that catches my eye. Marketing people have figured out people like me and they design packaging to appeal to—you got it—people like me.

3. Along the same line as number one, I love pens. I have some that are ridiculously expensive, and some that are dirt cheap, but I continue to hunt for pens that write just the way I like them to. I can’t stand writing with skinny pens because they hurt my fingers after awhile, and I prefer a pen with a little weight when I hold it. Go figure…

4. All the clothes in my closet have to be hanging on the hangers so that the front of the garment faces me when I’m standing in front of the rack. It doesn’t matter if the article of clothing is in the back of my closet or the front; it still has to be facing a certain way. Even if I’m running late for work, I will still stop and hang the item properly, because I won’t be able to leave the house if I don’t.

5. And finally, the granddaddy of my compulsive behaviors…I have to have the label of an item facing toward me when it sits on a shelf in the kitchen or bathroom. I find myself turning jars and bottles so that the labels are facing me, even if it’s something I don’t use. I can’t help myself.

There you have it—my quirks revealed for all the world to see. Let me know I have some company here, share a quirk or two of your own. One quirk, that’s all I’m asking for—one teeny tiny quirk so I’ll know I’m not the only quirky one out there.



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14 Responses

  1. embrace the quirks. 😀
    I count streetlights and floor tiles. I mute the TV during commercials. And I have to scan the ceiling for spiders before I fall asleep.
    Now, if I could work some fun quirks into my fiction characters. 🙂

  2. My name is Mari and I have “issues” with office products. You know, pens, sticky notes, notebooks. I love them all. Speaking of which, I think I need to go scour the discount area at Target for some new notebooks 😉 Not that I need htem nind you!)

  3. Thanks for a good laugh. It’s nice to know I’m not the only OCD person out there. At the office I must separate the small paper clips from the larger ones.

  4. Okay, twin, we are still joined with 1, 2 and 3 but then I disconnect. Totally.

    My other two?

    I must eat chocolate every day. Yes, even in China.

    I must mark in the books I read. Underline good sentences, um, the other kind, too. Yeah.

  5. Do you really want to know all my quirks?

    1. The office supplies section of any store is my toy store. I love to check out the stickers, fancy papers and stamps section (and I don’t even scrapbook),
    2. I have to play with the squishy part of my grip pen in meetings (twist it one way, then the other, straighten it out, repeat),
    3. The first thing I do at a restaurant is fold the paper straw cover into origami, and …

    Uh-oh. Sorry — gotta go — they’re coming to take me awayyy …

  6. Kathleen, one would think with all of my quirks I’d be able to work them into my characterization, but I really struggle with this. Hum…

  7. Mari and Angie, I’m so with you on the office supply products. Man I love all that stuff!

  8. Mary, you are definitely not alone. 🙂

  9. Patti, one of my dearest friends has the exact opposite quirk as yours. She absolutely can not and will not write or mark in a book–any book. Too funny!

  10. Hi Sharon –

    When I go into an office supply store, I must be prepared and extremely disciplined. Otherwise, the cute desk accessories will jump into my cart. I’m also drawn to notebooks. One can never have enough notebooks.

    Susan 🙂

  11. Oh, Susan, you and I are kindred spirits indeed. One can never have too many notebooks. 😉

  12. I check to see that the iron was not left on whenever I leave the house. 🙂

  13. we alway get our office supplies from a very reputable dealer that lives close to our home-.,

  14. I love this! I jut started blogging about Quirks. I’ve called the tag ‘The Quirk Files’ . I don’t have many but have written in detail!
    I’m writing a book and I think they enrich my characters!

    Hope you get a chance to see!


    p.s. i’ve been holding back – I have some WEIRD quirks! I jut sent all my friends Dulex colour sample cards to match their auras – with a postcard style message on the back!

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