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Don’t Be a Litter Bug

As many of you may know, I have a little Yorkie that joined our family about a year ago. Every morning, and many evenings, I enjoy walking her and find the exercise helps me to either prepare for my day, or unwind if I’ve just gotten home from work. About a year ago, I started noticing more and more litter strewn on the sidewalks, but one kind of litter bug has me absolutely perplexed.

At any given time, there are at least two or three doggie bags of waste that someone has carelessly left in the grass lining the sidewalk. What I don’t get is…why? I can see by the doggie bags (some are green and some are dark brown), that the person was thoughtful enough to collect their dog’s waste, but rather than dispose of the bag appropriately, they chose to simply leave the bag of waste right there next to the sidewalk. I don’t get it. If the litter bug collected the waste, why not throw the bag in the trash? If they would rather not toss the bag in the trash then it’s better for the environment if they don’t clean up after the dog and let nature take its course. At least the waste will break down and quickly go away, whereas plastic will stay there forever. Am I missing something? Does that make sense to you?



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4 Responses

  1. eww, who wants to carry a baggie of doggy do around?
    well, no one, but that’s the law. i don’t get it either. I used to carry a couple plastic sandwich bags and a brown paper bag. that way, if the dog had an extra productive walk, i wasn’t trying to re-bag, and i wasn’t overly obviously carrying a sack of poo!

  2. What state do you live in??? Here in MN, you have to take your doggie poo with you. You own the dog, you own the poo! I’ve never heard of people leaving the poo in a bag. At least you won’t step in it! Believe me, for as many bags as you find, you’d really rather they left bags rather than the poo. Other than leaving a sign to take it with them, not sure what you can do. Eeewwww! Hope you can get it solved soon!

  3. Linda, good point about the bags at least preventing people from stepping in the poo.

  4. Ashley, I carry extra bags too. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

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