Who Is The Most Influential Person Online?

Fast company has a project going on right now called the Influence Project. What they’re trying to analyze is how influence on the internet works. “What the Influence Project aims to do is remove some of the mystery behind the inherent passivity of social network numbers. This experiment will show what happens when an individual takes an audience at rest and applies an unbalanced force—through suggestion, advice or direction—that converts it into an army of action. That’s power that can be quantified and lead to an understanding that can be applied to both the largest and smallest of networks. No doubt it’s profound to address a million followers and get 100,000 of them to respond. But what does it mean when you have one hundred friends on Facebook and 97 of them click through to a site on your recommendation?

The clicks and networking and connectivity (out to six degrees!) collected in this experiment will provide a compass for where real influence lies on the Internet. It’s something I’m sure every business is curious to know more about. I also think it’s a powerful bit of awareness for anyone who wants to know who in their network is fully engaged with them.” Mark Borden, Fast Company, July 5, 2010.

For some reason I find this project rather interesting.

A. I wonder how this information can be used by authors to help them stir word of mouth and boost book sales.

B. Who are the most influential people online?

C. Are they business leaders, entertainers, journalists, news reporters, social media experts, etc.?

If you had to vote right this minute, who would you say is the most influential person online?



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4 Responses

  1. Um, Sharon Ball? Jody Hedlund?

    Sigh. Unlike most bloggites, I crave my writer friends’ blogs and don’t mess with the powerful people.

    Isn’t that odd????

    Hmmm. But let me take a stab. Our president? I hear he blogs a lot. Um…sigh. Truly, I’m out of ideas. And that’s shocking.

  2. Patti, I know what you mean. As a blogger, I know how hard it is to keep the ideas coming. Oy!

  3. I can see how this information might be beneficial to authors. How many of those 5,000 friends on Facebook are really keeping track of your books?

    As far as who is the most influencial person online, I don’t have a clue.

    Susan 🙂

  4. Susan, I think Michael Hyatt’s blog is pretty influential. Maybe not as influential as a celebrity, but certainly more loaded with helpful information. I love his blog!

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