Hilarious High School Answering Machine

This is too funny! Apparently this is a real message that plays on an answering machine at a school in Australia. Who knows if it’s true, but the idea is still funny.



I love a good laugh on Fridays.



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8 Responses

  1. Wow! That was pretty funny. I don’t know if a U.S. school can get away with that message.

  2. Ty, I doubt it would go over well but I bet some schools would love to try. LOL

  3. LOVE this! Have heard it b/f.

    Hey, how about a good laugh every day!!!

  4. I love it! Australia’s a great place, and I would’t doubt that this might be real.

  5. I laugh but I really want to cry, because this really is how they feel. That parents are nothing but enabling, incompetent nuisances who need those of superior education to give their children a chance at success. tsk, tsk. This is why I just might hiomeschool this year.
    Haveta give the Aussies props for saying what they mean, though. 😀

  6. Patti, I think you’re on to something. A good laugh a day is great medicine. 🙂

  7. Roger, I’d love to actually visit Australia one day. 🙂

  8. Kathleen, many of my friends have chosen to homeschool their children and I can totally understand why they’ve made that choice. I laughed at the video, but truthfully when it comes to education there are no easy answers.

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