Not What You’d Expect

I haven’t met a lot of famous people in my lifetime, but truthfully I’m not one to look for them, nor am I one to ask for an autograph. But there are a few people that I’d fall all over myself to meet, and you had better believe I would seize an opportunity for a photo op if one presented itself. Last week my hubby attended an event where Andrew Young spoke briefly and my hubby had a chance to shake the ambassador’s hand. When my hubby got home and told me about the event I asked him if he had taken a picture of Andrew Young.

“No,” my hubby said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I don’t know…it was the strangest thing.” He shrugged and loosened his tie.

“Strange how?”

“He was…short.”

Although we were home alone I moved in closer as if sharing a secret that might be overheard. “What does his being short have to do with taking his picture?”

“Nothing, I guess. Just wasn’t expecting him to be so short.”

Even though I teased my husband, I actually understood what he was saying. When you imagine someone to be one way, especially an icon, and they turn out to be something completely different, it can really throw you off. Have you ever had a situation like that?



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9 Responses

  1. Oh, MY! The SAME thing happened to us, only it was a country singer!

    He barely came to my SHOULDER despite wearing a 20-gallon hat!!!

    So WEIRD to visualize him as like Clint Eastwood tall, and then to see him standing there a la reality.

    As you said, it doesn’t matter, but it DOES show how TV and media portray someone in different lights…and different heights…and it’s sad to think that “we” really think all of that appearance stuff matters…

  2. BTW, check out my blog! NOW!!!!

    A nice Monday morning surprise!!

    And no, twin, I DID NOT CHEAT!!!!

  3. Patty, okay, twin, I’m on my way over to check out your blog. 🙂

  4. I did have a very similar experience. Ages ago I was dining at a very trendy new restaurant in downtown Philadelphia and who walks in but Mikhail Baryshnikov. Boy was he short. I don’t know if I was more stunned by his appearance or the fact that he was so short.

  5. Mary, I can just imagine your surprise. You didn’t stare did you? LOL

  6. since we’re on the short list (heehee) I had that reaction when I saw/heard Phil Keaggy in concert. It was an amazingly intimate setting at Houghton College chapel, which might sit 300 on a good day, and he greeted people in the lobby on their way in. I was three feet away from him at one point–a real thrill. I found myself tongue-tied. In his beret, he hardly topped 4’10”, I think. It took me by surprise that such energy and such a forceful sound could generate from such an efficient package. He’s still my all-time musical giant.:D

  7. Kathleen, I’m so glad God was creative in making each of us so interestingly different–each with our own gifts no how we are packaged. 🙂

  8. Sharon, I just thought of another short story. Groan!!!! Shortly after I moved to DC I went to Hands Across America and saw Chuck Norris. He is very short.

  9. Mary, I’ve heard that Chuck Norris is pretty short. He packs a lot of power in his small body and he’s in excellent shape.

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