How to Walk in High Heels

Okay, this topic may seem unusual, but now that I’m back in the workforce I’ve started wearing high heels again. While surfing the internet, looking for cute shoes, I found this video and got such a kick out of it. I’ve seen women wearing 6 inch heels and I’ve often wondered how they are able to walk in them. Well, this video explains the secret.



What’s the highest heel you have ever worn?



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5 Responses

  1. Back in the work force? You’ve ALWAYS been in the work force–for Him!!

    Now, about those heels. I used to avoid them like bad leftovers until I realized I LIKED tottering about occasionally.

    Still, when you start at 5′ 9′, you don’t wanna add TOO much. The taller she is, the harder she falls and all that.
    So maybe two inches? How about YOU?

    Oh, BTW, on a six-mile, straight-up hike in China, while I have expensive Nike shoes, the locals plunged ahead on stilettos. Really. Like three- or four-inchers.

  2. Three inches. I used to wear them to church, to work, etc and come home barely able to walk. Why do we do such things? I have a friend who is almost six feet and she wears three to four feet heels all the time. She has the confidence.

  3. This is the best advice for women! I went to the club the other day and saw these girls walking around in high heels and they had no clue on how to walk in them!

  4. Patti, that is amazing! My poor feet could never handle something like that. LOL!

  5. Angel, I often wonder the same thing about why we women are so hard on our feet. I try to wear flat shoes as much as possible. 🙂

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