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WeBook – A Possible Opportunity for Unpublished Writers to Get Discovered

First, before I go an inch further, let me say upfront that I have no idea whether WeBook is legitimate or not. All I know is that the concept sounded interesting enough to share with you guys in hopes that maybe one of you has had experience with this writing community. For those who are not familiar with WeBook, let me give you a quick snapshot of what they’re all about.

Apparently WeBook was created for the purpose of discovering unpublished writing talent. The way this is accomplished is through the collective voice of readers. Using a five-point rating system, readers read pages submitted by unpublished writers, and effectively they cast a vote for who they think should advance from round one to round four—literary agent showcase.

In round one, the writer submits the first page of their manuscript, round two the writer submits the first five pages, round three 50 pages, and round four the completed manuscript. Readers read and then rate the writer’s work and based on the ratings the writer advances through the rounds or they are eliminated from the consideration process.

Overall, this sounds like an interesting concept. I’d be curious to know if any writers have been discovered through WeBook. From what I gather, each time a writer’s work is elevated to the next round a literary agent reviews their work. The cost is free for readers, but for writers there is a one-time fee of $9.95 for full-length books. For shorter works the fee is $4.95. The cost doesn’t appear to be outrageous, but then again, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Hum…

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5 Responses

  1. We’re so glad to see you talking about us on your blog! One correction: the fee to enter PageToFame is actually $4.95 for ALL submissions, not just shorter works. This price is a summer special, but we’ll keep it rolling for a while longer!

  2. Wow, Sharon, I’d never heard of them. Fascinating concept.

    I did Authonomy a couple years ago, which is similar and free, but felt it was too much work trying to gather reviewers by reviewing quid pro quo. I’m going the old fashioned route of critique groups and traditional queries with an occasional contest entry. I feel there are no shortcuts to destiny. 🙂

  3. Have heard this whispered about but didn’t really know what it was.

    Thank you, Sharon, for educating me!!

  4. Hi Sharon –

    At a recent conference, editors were asked if they checked out this type of site. Most said they had no time. One or two looked, but never found anything.

    The best way to get our work in front of an editor is still through a writers conference.


  5. Susan, I have to agree with you. Conferences really are the best way to meet, build relationships with, and pitch book ideas to agents and editors.

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