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The Curious Case of the Discarded Socks

I was walking the dog a few mornings ago and I came across a pair of discarded socks lying on the ground. As I continued my walk back home, I wondered about the story of how those socks came to be there. Strange things like the discarded socks have a way of sending my imagination into overdrive. I can’t help but dream up all sorts of stories that I’m sure bare no likeness to what really happened.

More than likely, some kid took them off on their way to or from school for some silly reason that would make no sense in the adult brain. But what if the story were more exotic and intriguing? My new favorite TV show this season is Covert Affairs (I love this show because it reminds me a lot of Alias, which was another favorite several years ago). But I digress…anyway…both shows feature fun-loving, butt-kicking, highly resourceful secret agents/spies who happen to be women. What if these socks had something to do with a covert op? How cool would that be?

To most people these socks are just dirty laundry and a major eyesore, but to me, especially to the writer in me, these socks stimulate my imagination and help me dream up possible story ideas. Surely there has to be a fellow dreamer out there. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?



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5 Responses

  1. Running from the serial killer, Sadie stepped in puddles, ran through the doggie park, leaped into the swamp. At last, alone, the soggy socks irked her. Besides, they didn’t suit her style (which was real silk stockings and stilletto heels. She peeled them off, tossed them away and walked blissfully barefoot. (Stillettos look good, but are murderous).

  2. Carol, I love it! 🙂

  3. Hi Sharon –

    LOL! My storytelling brain shut down for the night. I notice stuff like this all the time.

    Susan 🙂

  4. Sharon, I’m like you and make up stories in my mind about random things that I see. I try to keep a little notebook of ideas and one day I might really write about those random things.

  5. LOVE this! I once found a note on the sidewalk that seemed to be related to giving up custody of kids while someone was in JAIL!!!

    I still have it, stuck in some drawer. With that pair of socks…

    Dream on, girl.

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