Behold – The New Harley-Davidson

I am pleased to announce the latest addition to our family—big bad Harley D. No, I didn’t give birth to an 850 pound baby, but I’m a proud momma just the same. For those of you who are wondering if this bike is mine let me put your thoughts to rest. Big bad Harley D is my hubby’s new chromed-out bundle of joy. He’s been talking about getting a new Street Glide, but a few weeks ago it became real.

So now I’m an official biker chick! I even have the cool Harley-Davidson gear and everything—leather jacket, leather boots, tops, jeans, gloves. This may seem like a lot of gear for someone who doesn’t actually ride, but I did in fact take a riding course a few months ago. Unfortunately, learning to ride was far more challenging than I had thought it would be. You would be amazed at how much mental concentration goes into hopping on a motorcycle and zooming up and down the street. I think I would have been okay if it weren’t for having to learn to swerve. Sadly, I discovered that swerving and me don’t get along very well (I dropped the durn bike and took a nasty spill—so not fun). But I’ve learned that some of us are passengers, and some are riders. I’m most definitely a passenger kind of girl.

Next weekend my husband will be taking me out on the bike for the first time and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not sure where we’re going to go, but I know I’ll be with my best friend, and lots of fresh air will be involved. Can’t get much better than that.

Harley-Davidson riders and passengers make some noise! If you’re a rider, what kind of motorcycle do you have, and what kind of trips have you taken?

To Harley riders…live free, ride hard!


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9 Responses

  1. That is a really sexy Street Glide, it’s a stunner. Still saving up to become a fully fledged biker chick, but I’ll get there one day. Happy riding to you and your husband, lucky things!

  2. My bil did the tail of the dragon a few months ago. And I know about spills (second hand). My sister had an awful one–hospitalized and in a ilazarof (sp) frame for ages.

    Good to read your posts again.

  3. Congratulations – I think you will find a Harley Davidson is more than a new member of your family.. it comes with a family of bikers generations deep! Keep your knees in the breeze

  4. Thanks, Shane. I’m looking forward to getting to know other HD riders.

  5. Hi Carol,
    I scraped my knee but I’m thankful it wasn’t worse. Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. Hi, Lee.I know I’m probably biased, but I totally agree with you. The bike really is quite sexy indeed. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment–it was nice having you here today.

  7. Hi, Sharon! I love my Buell 1125-CR. Buell -used- to be Harley, kind of… Anyway, it is quite the road rocket! It handles great! I bought it new in PA, for about half-price during the time Buell and Harley split. Wherever I roam, it gets looks and comments. I love the feel of riding, but you must be ALWAYS alert! Sorry to hear about your spill…but you know what they say about the two kinds of riders…those who HAVE crashed, and those that are about to! ; ^ ) Ride safe, have fun! It is unlike anything else when it comes to feeling free! William

  8. Woah! I saw the bike and I was like Sharon rides Harleys. You go girl!

    Now I’ve read the blog post. Have fun with hubby! 🙂

  9. Hi William,

    I’ve heard that saying and from talking to experienced bikers it seems to be true. LOL.

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