Embarrassing Typos

I have to wonder about the person who put the letters on this sign. The optimist in me wants to believe this is a legitimate typo—a mere misspelling of the word “stuffed”. But what if this isn’t a typo? What if the person who created this sign actually thought the word “stuffed” was spelled this way? Scary thought, isn’t it?

The sad truth is that I have experienced situations where a cashier was completely incapable of making change without the use of the cash register. And don’t get me started on simple math. I’ve had shopping situations that required the person behind the counter to mentally count numbers or figure basic percentages, and sadly many people—some were adults—were not able to perform this basic function. How sad is that? I’m no math wizard by any stretch of the imagination, but come on…basic math. I’m talking adding and subtracting, not calculus or trigonometry.

So how can we fix this? Not that I’m a fan of blame, because I’m not, but who is responsible for making sure situations like these don’t happen very often?

What are your thoughts?


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