In Defense of Animals 5K Race

This past weekend I walked in the In Defense of Animals 5K run/walk in the beautiful community of St. Marlo in Duluth, Georgia. What an awesome day! We truly couldn’t have picked a better morning if we tried. The weather was perfect—not too hot and not too cold, and the walk was a great way to get the heart pumping while supporting a worthwhile cause. Those of us with dogs brought our pooches with us, and even our adorable companions had a great time.

Prior to participating in this event, I was vaguely familiar with IDA, but I had no idea the organization was so actively involved in helping animal causes all over the world. As a dog owner, I can’t imagine a person abusing an animal, and yet horrible abuse happens all over the world every day. While I was walking this past Saturday, I struck up a conversation with one of the ladies in our group, and she told me about a family who abandoned their home to let the bank take ownership. But when they vacated the house they left their dog in the basement. Thankfully, the dog survived two weeks before a neighbor finally heard it and rescued the poor animal. I can’t imagine anyone being so cruel to another living creature.

If you’re not familiar with IDA, click here to read a message from the President of the organization which sheds light on how he came to be so passionate about this cause. With a long history—25 years of fighting for the rights of animals on every continent, IDA has been a powerful force in improving the welfare of animals all over the world. If you’re interested in donating click here.

On a side note, World Go Vegan Week runs from October 24th through October 31st. Admittedly, I’m a meat eater, mostly chicken, but I’ve thought about becoming a vegetarian many times. Doggone chicken is my favorite, though. I’d probably starve without it, but I see the importance of eating less meat. But if you’re a vegan, happy vegan week!


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