Music to Uplift You

I have to tell you guys, the last few weeks have been extremely challenging for me at work. Stress, for the most part, is the order of the day, and handling whatever comes my way is something I’m learning to do with God’s grace. One thing that really helps to lift my spirit is music that makes me feel energized and encouraged. During this past 4th of July holiday weekend, my brother gave me a CD with a few recent songs from his extensive music library, and one of the songs was from Mandisa’s newest CD titled “What If I Were Real” and the song is called “Stronger”.

I don’t watch the TV show American Idol, but I understand that Mandisa was a contestant in season 5, and she came in 9th place. She may not have won the top spot on American Idol, but she’s gone on to make a few CDs and she has several songs out now that I really like—“Good Morning” featuring Toby Mac is another great song.

If you have a minute or two, take a quick break and check out this video of her singing “Stronger”. She’s a beautiful young woman, and I plan to follow her career more closely now that I’ve discovered her music.


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